The Conveyance Shop easy guide to how and why!

Q. Conveyancing – what is it?

A. When you buy or sell a house or vacant land this involves the transfer of legal ownership. In Queensland the law requires this to be managed by a lawyer. This is for your protection so be sure that the person you deal with has a lawyer in-house – not 2000km away who is unavailable for a face to face interview.

Q. Why do buyers pay more legal fees than sellers?

A. See the pages to this website which sets out what happens. In either case you may be surprised at the amount of really necessary work done by your conveyancers for your protection.

Q. Should I get legal advice before I sign?

A. Yes. At the Conveyance Shop we have two in-house lawyers who will explain the contract face to face if needed. Southern firms offering cheap conveyancing here have southern based lawyers with no personal contact with them likely to be available.

Q. What is Transfer Duty and how much do I pay?

A. The buyer is liable to pay the Stamp Duty. On the transfer of property, duty is determined, based on the price. All items included in the price attract duty. You may be entitled to a concession (First Home Buyer or Principal Place of Residence).

Calculate your Stamp Duty and find out more

Q. What happens if there is a legal problem or issue with any contract?

A. The Conveyance Shop has had an in-house lawyer who has had 40 years as a practicing conveyancing lawyer. If you use southern based firms who have cut price operations, you cannot have face to face discussions on your legal disputes, so be careful to ensure that your conveyance quote covers all matters, including disputes.

Q. Do I have to pay if the contract “falls over”?

A. Not at the Conveyance Shop if it does not proceed to unconditional,  but most other firms will charge you – especially some low-cost southern firms. If you are asked to pay in advance then it is likely that you will be charged whether or not the matter settles.

Q. Do we use a tracking system?

A. No, we found just as the Banks did, that these systems don’t work – at the Conveyance Shop we have elected to remain personal with our clients. Each matter is assigned to an experienced paralegal – or you can speak directly with Toby.

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